Please follow the links below to read copies of the presenters’ abstracts.

Panel I — “Illustrating Time and Difference.”

Aronowsky abstract  |  Johnson abstract  |  Waycott abstract

Panel II — “Performance, Experience, and Aesthetics.”

R. Thompson abstract  |  Padilla abstract

Panel III — “Writing at the Boundaries.”

Doyon abstract  |  Giovannetti abstract  |  Grossi abstract

Panel IV — “Seeing Beneath the Surface: Photography as Fieldwork.”

Dowad abstract  |  Mullane abstract  |  D. Thompson abstract

Panel V — “Making the Imperial Field.”

George abstract  |  Cox abstract  |  Figueroa abstract

Panel VI — “Writing Fieldwork in its Place.”

Bazzaz abstract  |  Smith/Mogk/Goodwin abstract  |  Finney abstract